SN YA(SHENZHEN) Culture Communication Co.,Ltd. was founded in Shenzhen, China, 2016. COMPLEMENTAIR, primarily launching clothing and also shoes, bags, high-end conceptual T-shirts products, is a subsidiary of SN YA, cooperates with the other industries to launch several product lines, including Complementair concept, Complementair collection, Complementair life, Complementair art, Complement/air

COMPLEMENTAIR is an ideologically visual art-based brand combined with alternative luxury concept , featuring neutrality, sexual attraction, individuation, also regarded as a brand representative of the gentle feminism. It prolongs the famed structuralism designing style, fusing utter masculine and utter feminine elements to blur the boundaries between man and woman in order to focus on the original relations between clothing and human body. Mixing high fashion and street fashion, function and decoration so as to break through the traditional clothing design, it reshapes the complete simple designing style of being white or black.


The name is derived from French vocabulary, means complementary. It represents to get back to the initial state, reconsider the complementary relations of contradictions between fashion and human body, between freedom and constraint, It is a return of initial state and also reconsideration of the modernization. COMPLEMENTAIR is an exploration to the paradox between the comparative and complementary relationship.

COMPLEMENTAIR is a high-end diversified fashion brand which based on the human and human nature and society, the brand intends to explore the relations between the human, human nature and society. Founder of the brand explains,” the human beings don’t understand themselves and what they are". “Human beings are animal, who are sometimes very horrifying, sometimes of greatness, but still animal." Zoologists’ words may have destroyed the comfort and superiority inside of a human being, but still every human being is a meaningful and valuable being. It reminds human beings to the primitive status, reconsidering the human and the society, and the contradiction between nature and society. On the one hand, it’s a return to the origin, on the other hand, it’s a reconsideration of restraining and also an exploration of contradictions.

COMPLEMENTAIR always seeks the balance between bareness and hiding, functions and structure, with a rigorously rebellious thought to explore and think, to express with emotions, body language and clothing language.

Women of the psychological age 25-35, prevail in works and daytime living with youthful psychological status and the virtues of the time-granting wisdom, also enjoy them with the confidence and rights tag along.
Modern woman have stable and superior jobs. They are independent, internationally viewed, calm and optimistic; decline to be followers; confident, mature; it represents the best style with their own grace.
The concise and graceful neutral daytime piece, embodied with avant-garde colouring , finely hand-making, delivers the ultimate mixed masculine and feminine side of oneself. It presents whole new neutralism with various types of profile.
Chic and variable profile, and the body-conscious cutting, is the core of the brand.